InfiSense Leading the movement to digitize the real world

The easiest way to integrate real-time, wireless sensing into your business

InfiSense is an IoT data platform that allows your business to easily integrate data from sensors in the real world with any analytical and business intelligence applications you choose, for $1 per device per month.

Why We Exist

Billions of low power, wide area network (LPWAN) devices are coming online every year and the total number is projected to nearly double year over year.

The problem is that every business that wants to integrate these devices and networks into their workflows is being forced to reinvent the wheel every single time. Complicated and costly development efforts. Custom integrations. Engineering decisions made for single applications with no way to scale and add data from disparate sensors. The high costs and high friction kills ROI, increases total cost of ownership and locks in users to limited use cases and analytical tools.

Markets We Serve

We’ve built the software that – when coupled with commoditizing devices and networks – makes it easy and cost-effective for businesses to build services, software, analytics and applications with IoT sensing data. We know that the opportunities will only be limited by imagination.

So we can power businesses doing great things with data in many markets, and we will! We have launched our startup by initially serving businesses that provide various services in and around the built environment, as shown in the list below. But that’s only the start! We’ve made it so easy to digitize any environment that all you have to do is know want to sense. So contact us and help us grow the list!

  • Energy Efficiency Implementation

  • Energy Efficiency Measurement & Verification (M&V)

  • Energy Efficiency-as-a-Service

  • Energy Management and Sustainability Services

  • Commissioning/Retrocommissioning Services

  • Performance Contractors

  • Compliance and Inspection Software

  • Manufacturing Quality Control

  • Systems Integration

  • Indoor Agriculture Yield and Resource Optimization Services

  • Commercial and Industrial Buildings

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