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Our customers rely on InfiSense’s cloud-based software and services platform to reduce costs, save time, and streamline complex workflows.

Why We Exist

“We have sensors fail in the field and don’t know until it’s too late. We also don’t know why – so the issues get repeated at other sites. Losing data is not acceptable.” – Kelly O’Connell, Engineer, ERS (now DNV)

“We don’t have the ability to see the data in real time. We install the loggers and hope for the best.” – Energy Engineer/Analyst

“We have to use multiple data logging products, and each has their own proprietary communication protocol, and the data is in a dozen different places.” – CEO, Cultivation Analytics firm

“We can’t even begin the analysis until we physically retrieve the loggers in 6 to 12 months. Our clients want the data and results now. They want real time insights.” – Terese Decker, Project Manager, Guidehouse

Markets We Serve

We work with expert consultants, engineers and analysts who provide reporting and analytics to their clients in various verticals. Currently, we focus on two specific markets: building energy efficiency and indoor agriculture management/analytics. Our customers all share a common thread – they collect, monitor and analyze data from the buildings and sites they work with, and they need enterprise-grade remote monitoring solutions to replace the unreliable, slow, expensive and inefficient data logging options available to them today. So if you’re in any other space but share this pain, please contact us so we can help you.

  • Energy Efficiency Implementation

  • Energy Efficiency Measurement & Verification (M&V)

  • Energy Efficiency-as-a-Service

  • Energy Management and Sustainability Services

  • Commissioning/Retrocommissioning Services

  • Performance Contracting (ESCOs)

  • Indoor Agriculture Management and Analytics Services

  • Compliance and Inspection Software

  • Manufacturing Quality Control

  • Systems Integration

  • Indoor Agriculture Facilities

  • Commercial and Industrial Buildings

  • Residential and Multifamily

Who We Work With

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