What We Do

For businesses that help buildings operate more efficiently, cost-effectively and sustainably, yet struggle to integrate real-time sensing into their workflow, we provide a remote, real-time wireless sensing service so you can drive down data collection and analysis costs, increase revenue, offer new services and focus on delivering more value to your clients.

We have created the only wireless IoT platform purpose-built for the experts on the ground. We leverage a revolutionary technology called LoRaWAN to provide an unlimited selection of long-life, long-range wireless sensors to sense any environment for any use case and we serve the data on a silver platter into the analytics or business intelligence (BI) tool you choose.

If your business offers consulting and related services directly to building owners, operators and tenant businesses, let InfiSense bring decades of experience collecting data from buildings. We can streamline that process and transform the way your business collects and analyzes data so you can focus on the things you do best.

We provide the devices you want and deliver data into the analytics tools you use

Why We Exist

A sensing revolution is happening in buildings, powered by low cost, long range, wireless “IoT” devices. 

The problem is that the available systems are designed only for use by building owners and operators. They are ignoring you – the extensive and growing market of businesses providing data-driven services that help buildings operate more efficiently, cost-effectively and sustainably. 

The Problem

Wasting Money
and Time

IoT is not our customers’ core expertise.

Built for the
Wrong User

Incumbent tech is not designed for boots-on-the-ground or their analysts


Current options are poor fit for buildings, piecemeal, manual, messy, time-intensive, and unreliable.


Forced to work with one vendor for hardware, network and analytics. Stuck in their roadmap.


Expensive SaaS dashboards, multiple layers of software, and no freedom to choose analytics tools

Today’s IoT “solutions” solve piecemal problems and are manual, messy, time-intensive, and unreliable. You are locked into using devices from only one manufacturer. They come with pre-baked, inflexible analytics dashboards and expensive SaaS subscriptions that don’t fit your business model. It’s hard to get the data into the tools you use and love. Your business depends on you being domain experts but you have to waste valuable resources trying to become IoT experts. 

Why bother with solutions not built for your needs?

InfiSense will power your digital transformation, bring you the wireless sensing revolution, and transform your business.

Why InfiSense?

An IoT platform designed for experts on the ground in the built environment.

Markets We Serve

Does your business provide data-driven services to buildings?
We built our business to serve you.

  • Energy Efficiency Implementation

  • Energy Efficiency Measurement & Verification (M&V)

  • Energy Efficiency-as-a-Service

  • Energy Management and Sustainability Services

  • Commissioning/Retrocommissioning Services

  • Performance Contractors

  • Indoor Agriculture Yield and Resource Optimization Services

  • Commercial and Industrial Buildings

How It Works:
The InfiSense Platform

InfiSense system

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