We know data.

Our roots are in the dedicated efforts to save customers money, decarbonize our buildings and reduce resource use. We have paid our dues deploying data loggers and sensors and cleaning and scrubbing data to get ready for analysis. 

Before we ever conceived of InfiSense, we stood on rooftops in freezing cold weather to record performance data from HVAC systems. We attached meters to energy circuits when maybe, just maybe, we should have let a qualified electrician do it. We have gazed squinty-eyed at fans that aren’t moving, even though the building’s control system says everything is “on” and working great. We have spent countless late nights merging disparate files of data and manually creating visuals because there was no better way.

After decades of gathering critical data from commercial and industrial facilities, we felt frustrated. The complexity, lack of reliability, and sheer amount of manual labor needed to get the data out of the buildings and into our analytics tools was too hard. So we set out to fix that. 

We also bring a deep background in connected devices, software architecture, IoT services and backend development. Our CTO and co-founder Martin Bures truly knows how to program a remote device for reliable service. Not only did he lead the conversion of an entire fleet of defibrillator products to connected devices, he also wrote the code that determines if a patient gets shocked.

So we combine these unique skill sets and backgrounds to embark on a new mission. We’re leading the movement to digitize the real world.

We do this work because we believe that the next generation of businesses will be built on data that is not available today. But first we need to make it possible and easy to sense any environment. That’s why we make software that enables a disruptive technology – LoRaWAN – to work like magic. 

We always love to learn more about your business and talk shop, so please contact us or reach out to us on social media.

The Team

Tim Guiterman
Tim GuitermanCEO
Martin Bures
Martin BuresCTO, Co-Founder


“We’re going to start with small, easy things. Then, little by little we shall try our hand at the big things. And after that, after we finish the big things, we shall undertake the impossible.”

– Nikos Kazantzakis

We’d like to know what big things you can help us tackle. Check for open positions below. If there’s not a match for you, and you believe in your heart that only together we could undertake the impossible, then send us a note to careers@infisense.com.

Job Title: Lead Cloud Software Engineer

 About InfiSense: At InfiSense, our mission is to digitize the world around us. We serve data-intensive industries operating in “data deserts,” and offer a next generation data logging solution that saves our customers time, reduces costs, and streamlines complex workflows. We do this by enabling IoT at scale with a hardware-enabled PaaS/SaaS offering that makes Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) technology work like magic. We are building an API into real world data from LoRaWAN sensors, and constructing the necessary services to manage and make available the data from billions of data points from millions of devices around the world.

Job Summary: The Lead Cloud Software Engineer will scale our working system to a Tier-1 solution by taking over the design, development and management of our API and streaming data engine along with its supporting systems. This position will have wide freedom and latitude to develop the platform so we can focus on aggressive improvements to our functionality, pricing and technical integrations with our ecosystem of technology partners and suppliers. The role will serve as the kernel for our software organization and will grow a team to support the platform and our objectives.

Duties and Responsibilities: Lead Cloud Software Engineer tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Design, develop and scale the InfiSense data processing pipeline as reliable software using Python on the AWS cloud.
  • Development, testing and deployment of background processes and APIs.
  • Research, evaluate, and implement cloud native tools and architectures to improve application scale and performance.
  • Support and maintain existing applications including feature additions and bug fixes.
  • Ability to navigate between individual contributor and management roles.
  • Development, administer and evolve our data stores for time-series and key value datasets.  Implement SOPs to validate and monitor and manage these assets.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Experience developing and operating 24×7 production systems.
  • Experience designing, building, or evolving cloud-based systems.
  • Experience designing, developing and deploying production APIs
  • Experience with various data-store technologies, distributed messaging platforms, and data processing frameworks.
  • AWS experience deploying distributed data processing systems at scale.
  • Effective coding, documentation and communication habits.
  • Understanding of DevOps, Cloud Administration, CICD a nice-to-have.
  • Strong Python experience preferred.  Javascript, Rust, etc. nice-to-have.
  • Understanding of security, testing, monitoring for streaming and event-based systems at scale
  • Experience with Linux.

Key Competencies:

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Effective organizational and time management skills
  • Mentor others in development technologies, tools, and process.

Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (or any other relevant field) or equivalent experience.
  • At least (5) years’ working experience in cloud-based systems, senior or lead distributed systems experience preferred.

 Supervisory Responsibility: The Lead Cloud Software Engineer will effectively manage their teams as well as draft progress reports for senior engineering leadership and key stakeholders.

 Location – Anywhere in a reasonably compatible time zone to ET. We’re a remote-first company that is clustered in the Northeast but we want to work with great folks wherever they are.

Physical Demands: This is a largely sedentary role; Position requires extensive use of computer systems.

Position Type and Expected Hours of Work: This is a full-time position with ample flexibility for specific work hours.

Travel: This position is fully remote and does not require travel outside of the occasional meeting with management staff and the team.

How to Apply: Please submit a brief cover letter and resume to careers@infisense.com

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or veteran status.

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